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SS Intervals


You know how many calls you should get each day, but what time will these calls come in? 

SS Intervals is a forecasting tool for predicting time of day call volumes and AHT’s.  Develop your interval level forecasts, whether for a typical pattern or use it to determine special day patterns like holidays, day after holidays, etc.

Can be used for either call, email, or chat volumes.

If you are looking to be able to create weekly and daily volumes and AHT’s, be sure to check out our product, SS Forecaster.

Please note, this piece of software is based in Microsoft Excel.  You need to own Excel (sold separately) to use this file.

This product comes with a 29 minute video detailing how to use this product.

Upon completing item checkout, item can be downloaded immediately and/or via a link sent to your email address (up to 3 downloads according to licensing.  Please reach out to us if you need additional downloads).

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Jesenka Golos

The product is amazing and good customer service

Great for Bootstrapping Your WFM

This is a great product if your running a small call centre without a WFM team! If you're on a budget this is your best option, when compared to a full WFM suite.

Thanks guys!

Dante Gallegos

SS Intervals


My WFM system catches the normal intervals well, but struggles during special weeks (like holiday weeks and such). This allows me to be confident in creating interval level forecasts during those weeks and plan accordingly.

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  • how many weeks for historical data is used. I am looking for an easy to use product for call center agent schedule based on historical data. I would like to use the prior years 4 weeks (one month) of data for this the calculation for staffing. I need to schedule on an hourly bases (24 hr call center). Thank you for your time

    If you are asking specific to the SS Intervals, it uses the intervals from up to 7 weeks to get an arrival pattern for you.  So, it lets you know the time of day that calls will happen and how long they will take to be answered on average.  From there Erlang models can be applied to translate that into number of agents by interval.

    As far as scheduling the agents to these arrival patterns, you should check out our scheduling products, SS Schedules and SS Schedules, Lite.  As a part of these programs, it will take your forecast and translate it into agents required and schedule the agents to meet the demand.

  • We use 15 minute intervals for scheduling, not 30. Is there any way to modify the interval increments?

    Yes, we are able to make some customizations like this for our customers.  If you would like to go forward with this, send your request to, along with your order number for our reference, and we can create this modification for you.