SS Holidays

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Free forecasting spreadsheet.  This handy tool allows you to compare your day of week patterns (how much of the week’s volume or AHT) was broken out by day.  Very useful in determining how to break out your weekly volume into daily volumes during weeks that have a holiday in it or other special event that has occurred in the past.


You plug in historical daily call volumes during this special weeks, and receive a visual representation of how your volumes were divided across the week.  Pick and choose what weeks you want to use in your forecast and let it apply them to your weekly forecast.

For more forecasting help, be sure to check out our other forecasting products:

  • SS Forecaster- Create weekly forecasts as well as break them out into daily forecasts using both day of week and day of month patterns.
  • SS Intervals – Determine how to take your daily forecasted volumes and AHT’s and break them out into how much you will receive for every half hour period of the day.

Please note, this is a spreadsheet based in Microsoft Excel.  You need to own Excel (sold separately) to run this spreadsheet.

This product comes with a 9 minute video detailing how to use this product.

Upon completing item checkout, item can be downloaded immediately and/or via a link sent to your email address (unlimited # of downloads).

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SS Holidays


SS Holidays

Hard to Use

I want to be able to give a five star review. We use google suite and it has been hard to the leverage the program to accomplish what I would like.

it works

pretty good considering it is a free product. Helped me forecast holiday weeks

Bob's review

I usually look at holidays by comparing the day to the average for that day.
I.e. Memorial day is 35% higher than a normal monday and the intraday call arrival pattern is adjusted.


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