The Workforce Manager – Spreadsheet Scheduler

The Workforce Manager

Do you need help building your Workforce Management program? Do you need someone to Forecast and build agent Schedules for you? Does your large team need some Real-time Traffic Analysts?

Leverage our on-demand Workforce Management services to support your business while keeping costs down. Way down.

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On Demand Forecasting/Scheduling Services

  • Forecast weekly expected volumes and Average Handle Times, broken out into half hour intervals and applied to a staffing required number.
  • Create agent schedules to match patterns based on agent start time windows and shift lengths as provided by company.
  • Apply future staffing inputs provided by company including approved time off and reoccurring team meeting times.
  • Provide Over/Under Summary report outlining staffing surpluses and shortages.
  • Provide staffing adjustments as requesting by company.

Consulting Services

  • Provide group trainings outlining best of class Forecasting/Scheduling practices (dealing with shrinkage, overages/underages).
  • WFM team knowledge assessments.
  • WFM KPI’s to focus on and how to improve them.  Analyze current state of KPI’s and put plan together to improve them.
  • Creating new shift lengths, scheduling rules, and patterns to match unique arrival patterns.
  • Maximizing efficiencies through skill routing/priority routing methodologies.

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