Forecast your call center volumes with your historical daily volumes – Spreadsheet Scheduler
A very accurate forecasting methodology that allows you to trend your year over year historical data, and determine which years in your history that you would like to use in your forecast.  Graphical output for easy understanding and ability to catch trends.

The Forecaster


Forecasting is a mix between an art and a science.  Most forecasting systems can do the science, but lack in the art of forecasting.  Improve your weekly and daily volume and AHT forecasts and better plan to staffing needs.

SS Forecaster is a powerful tool that creates an interaction between the historical call volume and the forecaster. 

  • Trend your volumes and AHT, and decide what historical data you want to apply.
  • See how your volumes could be impacted greatly by simple things like what day of the month it is (for example, is it the 1st day of the month, last day of the month, or is it the 5th day of the month, etc).
  • Decide if you want your weekly volume broken out into daily volumes based on historical distributions, based on what day of the month it is, or using the same distribution from the corresponding weeks in your history.
  • Our SS Holidays spreadsheet is integrated into this product.

Whether you are a large call center or small, maximize your forecasting potential to create accurate weekly and daily forecasts.

Can be used for either call, email, or chat volumes.

Please note, this forecasting tool is based in Microsoft Excel.  You need to own Excel (sold separately) to use this forecasting tool.

This product comes with a 45 minute video on call center forecasting and how to use this product.

Upon completing item checkout, item can be downloaded immediately and/or via a link sent to your email address (up to 3 downloads according to licensing.  Please reach out to us if you need additional downloads).

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Raj Sharma
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Raj Sharma
Photo per customer care number O8II6497O98

Phone Per customer care number,Call Now"O7001333107'XXX=jan+20_2021)10:30''PM


It didn't help me.

Jesenka Golos


Paul Macann

Well put together and excellent support from the team

Questions & Answers

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  • Can i use this tool on 32 and 64 bit excel?

    Yes, this tool will work great on either version

  • Can it do interval forecasting?

    The SS Forecaster will allow you to create weekly and daily forecasts.  If you are needing to take those daily forecasts and break them out into Interval level forecasts, I recommend you check out our SS Intervals product:  

  • How does this tool asses the ‘events’ say in out center it is apparent that after a holiday there’s a surge in calls our first day back? what about ‘promotional events’ call patterns?

    For Holidays and other special days, you can easily mark it as a special day so that it won't include it in any of your average day of week calculations or day of month calculations.

  • Hello, I'm currently building a forecast for a Chat Team utilizing 85% Occupancy and 30 sec ASA as guidelines. How accurate would this tool be if the chat team is currently averaging 230 call a day? Please note, At most I'm able to provide 1 year worth of data. Thank you,

    It should be fairly accurate according to your needs.  The strength of the system is its ability to capture your seasonality across the year (most call centers have this type of seasonality).  The more relevant years you have, the better the results you will receive.

    Also, being a smaller queue you will see more random fluctuations in both your historical data and in your forecast results.  See our article on Unique Challenges in a Small Call Center for details on this.

    If this does not work for you, you can try out our SS Trendline forecasting product.  It is not as powerful of a solution, but does meet people’s needs that don’t have a year of relevant data to forecast off of.