Should you use WFM software, or Excel? How about both? – Spreadsheet Scheduler
This WFM scheduling software and Excel spreadsheet is designed for small call centers and helps you to create call center agent schedules to maximize call center coverage, comparing forecasted volume with Erlang C calculations, to scheduled agents.

SS Schedules, Lite


This powerful mix between a software program and an Excel spreadsheet allows you to create agent shifts (shift lengths, breaks, lunches, vacation time, team meetings, etc) to maximize call center coverage.

  • Customize your shifts to match your forecasts and arrival patterns, and see what times of days you need to hire for.
  • Break and Lunch Time maximizer adjusts your break and lunch times for you to maximize coverage
  • See predicted Service Levels and ASA based on current staffing levels.
  • Easily see and determine what times of days you are projected to be understaffed for your volumes, and what times of days you are projecting overstaffing.
  • Update schedules with PTO, team meetings, calling out sick, etc, and see how that impacts your staffing for the day all the way down to the interval level.
  • Determine intraday adjustments based on how volumes are coming in.
  • Huge amount of customization and familiar feel due to Excel’s open source
  • Easy reporting of assigned shifts to print out for agent use.
  • Compare actual staffing needs to forecasted.
  • Can schedule queues of up to 150 agents.

Save money and still hit your Service Levels by maximizing agent coverage, knowing how much PTO you can grant (preapproved or even same day), and what times of day you can pull agents off the phones for Team Meetings and Trainings.  Be efficient and take more calls with less agents.

Can be used for either call, email, or chat volumes.

Please note, this piece of software is based in Microsoft Excel.  You need to own Excel (sold separately) to use this file.

This product comes with a 45 minute video detailing creating schedules, intraday management, and how to use this product.

Upon completing item checkout, item can be downloaded immediately and/or via a link sent to your email address (up to 3 downloads according to licensing.  Please reach out to us if you need additional downloads).

To see the difference between this lite version and the full version, be sure to check out this video below:


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Customer Reviews

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Amazing Partner

Software Review - We purchased the Lite version to help us manage the scheduling and Intraday requirements of one of the lines or business we support. So far, it has been a extremely user friendly and effective. Despite features are limited on the Lite version, the SS team has been very responsive to our questions and turn around time for our requests. We especially want to thank Kory for the exceptional service that we have recieved. This software is a great alternative compared to the big box solutions at fraction of the cost with customer service that counts. I highly recommend Spreadsheet Scheduler and will definitely be a repeat customer.

I like it!

Creative solution, met our scheduling needs for really small call center.

Questions & Answers

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  • Are there any additional charges or this cost is lifetime ownership of the scheduler spreadsheet.

    No additional costs.  The listed price includes lifetime ownership of the product.

  • What version(s) of Excel is the lite version and full versions compatible with?

    They are both compatable with any of the Windows versions from Excel 2010 and forward, including 64 bit versions.  Unfortunantly, it is not compatable with the Mac versions.